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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have the best mechanic....EVER!

So over the last week my car has developed a dry metallic grinding sound when it started. Generally, not a good thing.

I took it in to the guys at Agape Automotive today. FWIW, they're the only ones I let work on my car and I sincerely believe that's why I'm still plugging along at 241,000 miles and still going!

What happened is the starter, which is still under warranty, apparently had a weak bolt. The bolt came loose and fell into the block. This caused the starter to shift. When I'd start the car, the flywheel would grind against the starter, damaging the flywheel.

They found the bolt, replaced the started (free under warranty), and instead of replacing the flywheel, were able to file down the damaged bits instead.

2.5 hours and I walked out with a repair bill of $115.

I *love* my mechanics. Best. Mechanics. Ever.

Posted by Valerie at 1:01 PM

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