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Monday, January 12, 2009

Insurance Update

Long story short - out of frustration, I said I'd take the $950. That was 10 days ago. Some nice lady who handles titles was supposed to call me to take care of the paperwork.

Like I said, that was 10 days ago.

The adjuster on the case called me tonight (not the claims loss guy who made the offer and gave me a lick and a promise that someone would call me about the title). She was checking to see what the status was on my 'bodily injury' claim. I told her that they'd need to talk to my attorney about it and I got her up to speed on the whole thing - how the claims loss handled the situation about the storage lot and how no one had made any effort to contact me about the title.

She sounded mortified at what I had been through. She worded it carefully but, without outright saying they had screwed up, agreed that I should have an attorney's help dealing with them.


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