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Thursday, May 28, 2009

An "Almost End of Fair" Update

Yeah, 4 months. That is an obscenely long time. Sorry.

I started in on 5 days a week at the office in February, not counting the additional rehearsal times, and then we opened the fair, and, well, it's definitely been a whirlwind. I'm now getting one day a week off and we close in a couple of weeks so the return to a more 'normal' schedule (normal for me anyway) is close at hand.

The other big exciting news is that it looks like I'll be moving at the end of festival. I'm stuck in my lease til the end of August but I found someone willing to rent me a duplex now with no rent til August and no security deposit.

The pros:

A yard - I have so missed having grass under my feet. It makes me feel like an adult to live in something that at least resembles a house and having a yard is a big part of that.

It's quiet - it's on a road that dead ends into the back of the park with no vehicle access into the park from my street. No through-traffic means a quiet neighborhood as opposed to being in the apartment complex where I have kids playing 3 feet from my window all the time.

A porch - I'm not allowed to put any chairs in my "porch" area of the apartment. Strictly forbidden. Now I'll have a front and a back porch which means I can sit out in nice weather and I can put up hanging plants! (which I can't do inside because the kitty of evilness will eat them in 3 minutes).

The layout - it doesn't have a lot more space than the apartment, but the way it's laid out, it has more of a feeling of privacy. You can't see into the bedrooms from the living room which is a nice thing.

A nice quiet next door neighbor. Enough said.

Cheap rent - cheaper than where I'm at now.


A yard - apparently I get to share the yardwork with the neighbor. It's the one thing I didn't miss when I moved last Christmas. And the yard isn't tiny, either. But I'm young and fit and I'll manage it.

No dishwasher - I'm a little bit of a princess but I'll get over it.

Washer and dryer live in the kitchen - and in a weird way - the dryer near the refrigerator and the washer next to the stove.

Apparently there are some electrical issues with back feed that Kidlet's dad found. No immediate danger but it does need to go on the to-do list of things to repair.

The deciding factor that put me over the fence last night was the fact that he's willing to let me move in with 2 months free rent and no deposit. If I wait 6-12 months to move, the odds that I will find a bargain like this are slim. Since I don't have to be out of the apartment til 8/1, I can move piecemeal in the car and then take one weekend and move all the big stuff in a pick-up truck brigade.

It's a little scary. I really hate change. But all in all, I think it's a good thing!

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