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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving, moving, moving

Facebookers, this imports from my actual blog. You have to choose View Original Post or whatever Facebook is calling it to go read the actual post. Thanks.

So the move to the darling little duplex is pretty much complete. Ok, it looks like a moving truck vomited up inside of it at the moment (which is pretty ironic considering I didn't rent a truck for the move, I can't figure out how the laundry bred so much in less than a week, and I still have a ton of clean up to do at the old apartment. *feh*

It's a darling little half-house and I'm already endeared. The apartment was a place to live but never felt like home. This already feels more like home to me. I don't know if it's the space or the yard or what, but whatever it is, I'm glad that it already feels that way.

Other than that things were good. It's been a busy, busy month.

A & I went to C-girl's house for a 7/4 BBQ which was really nice. *hugs* to you C-girl for making the Magic Lamps feel so welcome in your home.

I fell down the stairs at the answering service. Ironic, the only time I *have* to go to the office and I hurt myself. I think the universe really tried to stop me, too. My starter went out in the car that morning and I really didn't think it would be fixed in time for me to make the remote operator's meeting. I'm pretty lucky because I didn't just miss a step or two, I went head over heels down about 7 steps. I busted up my right finger pretty good. Can't bend it all the way, but can still bend it so I'm splinting it and trying not to reinjure it in the prcess of lifting heavy furniture. Fun.

Oh, and which finger (you should ask). My middle finger on my left hand. Good that it's not my dominant hand but I do look like I'm perpetually flipping people off. Must remember not to wave at other drivers on I-85.

I'm trying to think of more to write, but can't which means either I'm too tired to think or my life really is all about the move with nothing more interesting to report. Either way, I know I'm searching my brain for material, not because I feel compelled to share with the blogiverse, but because when I finish this, I have to go back to the duplex and clean and unpack some more. I'm having that petulant child moment where I know it *has* to be done.....I just don't wanna. Oh well. Guess I'm gonna.

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